Our solutions

We’re a logistics network
that safeguards ultra high value cargo.

SOW Delivered prides itself on what we consider to be the five most valuable components in the transportation world today.


We have a network designed to provide sufficient capacity and continuous on-time pickups and deliveries.


We offer satellite tracking, on-board communication, Electronic Logs (ELDs) and GPS Navigation. SOW Delivered has you covered and allows you to focus on what is important in your daily life.


We are masters at protecting our customers and their assets, from Babaco locks to real-time calibrated mapping sensors, to Samsara GPS, we have our eyes on your prize 24/7 -365.


We understand what our customers need and we know what success looks like. SOW Delivered is the only way to Roll.


We are aligned with every requirement and guideline that our customers need to perform their daily transactions. We want to grow with you, so we make sure to check all of the boxes with our customers. Our customers know we are in this for the long-haul.


SOW Delivered’s transportation services have been providing pharmaceutical shipping services for many years. Our team has worked with a wide variety of companies in the industry. This exposure has given our team the knowledge of everything that goes into pharmaceutical transport. As in many industries, pharmaceutical products are subject to shipping regulations to ensure they stay safe. In fact, they require some of the strictest regulations in shipping due to the importance and delicacy of the medicines.